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General Medicine


If you are seeking general treatment for a physical concern including asthma, allergies, bronchitis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, hypertension (High blood pressure), audiometry, COPD, GERD (acid reflux), or sinusitis. General medicine offers routine physicals (including pap smear), DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals, work physicals, STD screening, cancer screening, colonoscopy, EKG, bone density screening (DEXA), circulation testing (ABI), nerve conduction studies (EMG), pulmonary function tests, and rhinoscopy.

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Make an appointment for a time that works for you to avoid needing to reschedule.

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come prepared

bring your photo ID and your health insurance card if you have one. Have any questions you have ready to ask your physician.

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Come about 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time for paperwork. If you are late you may miss your appointment.

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